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Having a baby is easily

one of the most magical human experiences!

The experience of riding the waves of labor. Your strength, your determination. Your partner's excitement, concern, & joy. The moment of birth arrives!

First look, first breathe, & first squeaky cries.

Baby's head settling on your chest for the first time.

Her little eyes looking into yours.

His tiny mouth rooting for nourishment, for comfort.

This moment will never happen again. No matter how many babies you have welcomed into the world, your baby, THIS baby, has his/her own special day.

A miraculous day. A day that can be preserved for you, your family, and your sweet baby for their lifetime. 

I would love to document this journey for you!

I understand the cost of hiring a professional birth photographer 

can seem intimidating,

 but your dream of having your baby's arrival documented

 doesn't have to be out of reach.

Your friends and family are eager to help out,

so why not not let them give you something truly meaningful? 



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